Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

A Nevada Supreme Court has ordered Las Vegas police to release bodycam footage and audio from 911 calls from the night of the deadly rampage.
But it's still not clear if workers saw Stephen Paddock — or his arsenal — the day he killed 58 people.
The Mandalay Bay resort, the concert organizer and the manufacturer of bump stocks are named as defendants in the massacre that killed 58 people.
Jesus Campos had disappeared before scheduled interview appearances.
Jesus Campos abruptly canceled on a series of interviews last week, then disappeared. Nobody is saying where he went.
Means, motive, opportunity. For detectives, nailing down those is the perp trifecta. In Las Vegas, the forensic postmortem
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Listening to my students taught me about the irrationality of our nation's gun debate.
Jesus Campos, wounded in a barrage of gunfire, said he was "just doing" his job.
“You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point.”
Investigators are still mostly in the dark about Paddock's motive.