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Parents are turning to social media to express concerns that learning Chinese could come at the expense of a child's core curriculum.
The White House wants 1 million U.S. kids to study the language by 2020.
And, bottom line, a large cohort of Mandarin speakers will contribute to our national security, helping guide U.S.-Chinese relations away from the confrontational and toward the cooperative.
"How do you like living in China?" a friend asks. "You mean Hong Kong," I say. After correcting her a few times I stop. "What's the difference?" she asks. And that is exactly the problem that Hong Kong faces.
Schools in Sindh, the second most populous province of Pakistan, may start teaching Mandarin Chinese beginning in 2013. The suggestion, which may soon turn into a decision, has created rifts between the provincial government and teachers.
That early input, followed by half-days of Chinese preschool in New York, hasn’t yet produced a junior trans-Pacific CEO
Betty was life-long friends with Janet Rosenberg Jagan who became Guyana's president. Betty lived, breathed, and funded social
At times strong, then soft -- occasionally sing-song -- the performers had the audience clapping in unison to their unique