mandatory sentencing

The proposal aims to cut the nation’s prison population in half and end mandatory minimum sentencing.
The ambitious plan is part of a larger criminal justice reform platform released by the former vice president's 2020 Democratic presidential campaign.
At 16, Sara Kruzan killed her pimp and got life in prison. Now, a new bill would help children like her get a second chance.
Nouman Raja now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years and could spend his life in prison for the death of Corey Jones.
The "Late Night" host put his diss of the president on lockdown.
A new report explains how the president's vision of America could lead to rollbacks.
After months of stalling, Senators released a revised version of the bill.
Critics say the case shows how habitual-offender laws can bully small-time crooks into pleading guilty rather than risking the consequences of a trial.
On this Rational Pi Day, consider some of our irrational societal behaviors. Begin to take the first steps towards quelling those and taking more rational approaches to the issues that will impact us all.
By Julia Edwards Though an identical bill failed to pass the Senate last year, its sponsors hope the continued push for criminal