Our memories of that night and the experience of being in a room with President Castro were so impactful that many minds
Genus is the origin of terms that reflect what is original, or sourceful, or at the beginning. Consider: If I can't generate
A friend of mine posted this video. The friend in question is an intelligent, balanced person and someone I like and trust
If to live is to suffer, as Tolstoy understood so well, then to persevere is to find meaning in one's suffering. Does hardship make us beasts, Tolstoy asks, or better human beings? Do we continually focus on getting what we think we want, or on making something meaningful out of what we have, no matter how miniscule or shabby it might seem?
Since 2008, Mandela Day has become an international celebration of public service.
In many ways South African design mirrors the county's remarkable recent political history, emerging as it has from turbulent times and international isolation to create a vibrant synthesis of the traditional and modern: the African and the European.
I first came to South Africa in 1995 after Mandela's release. I had never set foot in Apartheid South Africa.
The unforeseeable can happen to everyone -- including to those who help create great art.
Joy Ngoma: A lot of people all over the world have been voicing their opinions about Nelson Mandela's legacy since his passing