Mandy Connell

Some people will never accept anonymous sources, but that’s why we have professional journalism.
Keyser: "It was an interesting week. It wasn't too dramatic for us. We had double- and triple-checked our petition process
Listen to Jon Keyser on the Mandy Connel Show May 2, 2016 Keyser missed the mark in one congressional district because the
Colorado Congressman Ken Buck likes to sound like a Tea Party extremist on talk radio and then go back to Washington and compromise. And talk radio hosts don't seem to care. But in Washington, Buck compromises.
George Brauchler appears to present different versions of the decision, depending on the audience. If he's talking to talk
Brauchler denied this, but there he was leveling his harshest tone and barbs on conservative talk radio, home base of the Republican Party, on the morning after the verdict. You respect Brauchler for taking questions about the case, but why jump on conservative talk radio circuit and sound like a conservative talk-radio host?
The question is, will Connell push the issue (maybe offer lox and bagels in addition to donuts?). Connell: Scott, let's just
With this info out there, listeners might have wondered about the truth of Buck's claim to Connell: "The donors know me. They