Growing up, I was one of those kids that Zelda was the cute little green elf that was the hero of the game. It wasn't until
Tripwire Interactive's franchise is a long-standing favorite, so fans have been curious to see how the studio would interpret
When the divorce rate soared no one predicted that women would become single mothers, along with the feminization of poverty
How Rokudenashiko took on the Japanese patriarchy with her adorable lady parts.
Eun-Gyung, a 29 year old female who never had a single relationship in her life, meets Cupid, the greatest player and a womanizer who ends up being exiled from the world of gods. Out of goodness of Eunkyung's heart, Cupid stays at her house and even with endless quarrel, they both help each other find the true meaning of love.
Saturday's smaller replay in Copenhagen of Paris' Charlie Hebdo massacre that left three dead (including the suspected shooter) and several injured begs the question: are cartoons art and entertainment or lethal weapons?
Travel sometimes provides me with an opportunity to explore a subject I might otherwise never think about -- exposing me to tiny nuggets that accumulate to create a bridge across a cultural divide. When I write, "you have to see it to understand" I mean both the movie and the museum.
Ariel and Flounder from "The Little Mermaid" h/t imgur/Sploid Minnie Mouse Chip and Dale The Three Caballeros Panchito Pistoles
It is a very difficult thing to attempt to measure how media does and does not influence society, groups in society.
"This could lead to a regression in freedom of expression and put a strain on artists and the publishing culture. This cannot