Donnell Russell, the singer's former manager, will serve a year in federal prison for calling in a threat to halt a screening of a damning documentary about the R&B star.
Company lawyers say the judge overstepped his bounds by requiring an outside watchdog keep tabs on the Trump Organization for the duration of the civil case.
"As great of a basketball player as he was, he was an even better person," his coach said.
The former president's lawyers argued that ordering him to testify violated this constitutional rights because his answers could be used in a parallel criminal investigation.
The "Succession" cast member and animal rights activist is against the coffee chain’s policy of charging extra for plant-based milk.
Miya Ponsetto, who assaulted a Black teen and falsely accused him of stealing her cellphone at a New York City hotel, was arrested after fleeing authorities.
Bragg denied that the three-year investigation was winding down or that a grand jury term expiring this month would impede his office’s ability to bring charges.
Prosecutors said Lawrence Ray, 62, used threats and violence to enrich himself with millions of dollars from students he met in his daughter's dorm.
Former newspaper editor Ken Kurson was charged in August with hacking his wife’s online accounts and sending threatening, harassing messages to several people.
“We are heading upward in a direction that I no longer find sustainable,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said on Friday.