Officials estimated the value of the unusual shipment at $5,900.
The blasts blew away the entrance to the cathedral and ripped through the main hall.
Four people were killed and seven were missing, officials said.
“When we throw something away, there is no ‘away.’ These global corporations are locking us into cheap, disposable plastics
Dozens of journalists in the Philippines have been killed with impunity over the last decade.
“That chubby face that looks kind," he said. "That son of a bitch."
Many of the dead suffocated in the chaos as guests and staff tried to flee choking smoke at the complex.
The Philippines’ police chief said on Friday there was no indication the shooting incident at a Manila gaming resort was related to terrorism.
Philippine police deny that the incident was linked to terrorism.
I received the news yesterday on my way to work that my mother is struggling to recover from a heart failure and seizure
Over the course of 10 hours, the blaze engulfed more than 1,000 homes.
“Our governments will maybe discuss in some period of time the possibilities of our maritime exercises.”
For decades Asia was thought to be unable to translate populist political sentiment into change at the ballot box, with communist
Never previously has a state of emergency been declared as a result of a single bombing or kidnappings, which were in any
Working abroad has been no walk in the part for Louise*, 33, who originally hails from Manila, Philippines.