Manny Pacquiao

When I stopped by the Wild Card last week, I spoke to Roach about Pacquiao and the upcoming fight against Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas. But mostly we talked about two conversions: Pacquiao's born-again experience three years ago and a dramatic change in Freddie's own life that involved no religion at all.
Next came a post on Instagram from Pacquiao that read, "I'd rather obey the Lord's command than obey the desires of the flesh
The network does not intend to cancel its broadcast of his final match.
It is easier to pick bible verses to give ourselves permission to dismiss the human rights of others. If that continues to be the case, your name is already signed in the dark future of the Philippines. Is that what you want?
"If anyone called my mother an animal, I'd stick my foot in his ass."
While the cases of Rapinoe and Kenworthy have proven the viability of high-profile endorsements for LGBT athletes -- their sponsors have demonstrated their faithfulness in a profound way -- a quiet yet persistent fear remains among the gay athlete community that other companies may not be so supportive.
The next time you hate on LGBT people, remember how easy it is for you to leave your house, walk the streets, be yourself and never for once feel that your life is at risk. LGBT people die everyday.
The problem is that Manny didn't become anti-gay this week, and Nike has had an endorsement deal with Manny since the mid-2000s. Nike has sold a large fortune's worth of products based on Manny's good word.