Manti Te'o

For more, check out the full Innovation Lab panel. "Jack Dickey, who we hired right out of Columbia, wrote our most recent
Valentine's Day is a high-pressure holiday for many people, and we've all been in situations where our foolish hearts trump our ability to see through a scam.
I have been distraught sitting back watching athletes answer unnecessary and inappropriate questions around their sexuality due to our lack of true compassion, dignity and love for all. We now exist in a society where our own obsession with others trumps respect for others' personal lives.
I am joining in the fun, naming the 10 most overrated things of 2013. Not necessarily bad (though some of them can be awful) not stupid -- just overrated.
Power going out at the Super Bowl; Maker's Mark announcing its plans to dilute its whiskey; the woman who hid under her desk to avoid a TV reporter; Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend and a Canadian mayor's crack-laced meltdown. All great, but not Sponge-worthy.
There's no question that 2013 was the year of the Internet hoax. Let's take a look back at why we won't believe anything
For anyone wondering, Corso did also put on cap and handle livestock. Of course, you can't please everybody... "Signs, signs
The San Diego Chargers do not want Manti Te'o taking questions from the media until June. He will, apparently, accept invitations
Ranked between Victoria’s Secret model Anne V. (68) and swimsuit model Nina Agdal (70), Kekua was selected because "she's
*Numerous front office men say there were not surprised to see Eddie Lacy fall to the Packers at the end of the second round
The San Diego Chargers selected Te'o with the 38th overall selection (sixth in the second round) in the 2013 NFL Draft. A
— The most surprising player left available in my opinion is Alabama running back Eddie Lacy. While it's true that the NFL
As you watch the NFL Draft selections, keep in mind these players began training last spring for the college season and then went straight into six weeks of focused training to try to reach peak performance at the NFL Combine or their college Pro Day.
Jarvis Jones, Georgia -- Exceptional tackler with quickness and a propensity to cause fumbles. The 2013 NFL Draft may not
Out of the 8.15 million brackets submitted in ESPN's NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge, the entry atop the rankings after
Sadly, I don't think it will necessarily be printing costs that lead to their ultimate demise. As long as metro dailies remain "masters of none," the specialists will continue to siphon-off their readers and their revenue.
There is much to be gained by sharing loss, and much that is lost by shielding ourselves with gains. When our losses are recognized we can face our own wounds in the looking glass, and become empowered to move through to the other side.
While any early adopter will tell you that catfish creepers have been around since the advent of dial up and message boards, it's just recently that the spotlight has been shined on the fascinating relationships between digital posers and the unrequited partners who fell for their scam.
It's that time of year when die-hard college football fans and die-hard NFL fans (some of which are one in the same) come together and debate endlessly about the draft and the players in them that can help NFL teams win games over the next 5-10 years.
Recently, we explained that NFL teams are curious as to whether Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o is gay. Somehow, this reality