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But the Anaheim City Council voted 3-2 at the meeting in August of 2012 to maintain the at-large district system. Under the
A tale of three cities: the Creative Capital “I wanted to be in public service and help people,” he told VOXXI. He was elected
Although Anaheim conjures popular images of Disneyland for many, for others the city reflects the increasing tension between its two public faces: home of the Magic Kingdom versus home of officer-perpetuated fatalities.
Protests erupted for nine days after the Diaz shooting, which cast a light on tensions between police and the Latino community
SANTA ANA – A pair of mothers led a small demonstration on Tuesday demanding a resolution to the Orange County District Attorney's
Obama then says, in English, "We'll continue to seek ways to increase the independence of the Cuban people, who I believe
“In spite of how it happened, it was a big time win for all who opposed seeing that placed on the November ballot,” Eastman
Amateur Footage Of Manuel Diaz Shot In Anaheim