Manuel Valls

“Europe is in danger of falling apart,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said. “So Germany and France have a huge responsibility.”
I am eager to respond to the article "'The Way People Look at Us Has Changed': Muslim Women on Life in Europe" that appeared in the pages of the New York Times on September 2, and which paints an intolerable picture, as it is false, of France, the country of lights and of liberties.
He said the bare-breasted Marianne, a national symbol, "isn't veiled because she's free."
Marine Le Pen's anti-immigration National Front is hoping to consolidate recent political gains.
The count does not include any of the attackers who died.
The most difficult thing that is left to be done after this massacre is to understand what is happening to us, to conceptualize the hate that is enveloping us, to conceptualize the profound threats looming over our democracies.
Investigators have identified a Belgian national living in Syria as the possible mastermind behind the attacks.
Tragic photos of the 3-year-old's body have caused an international outcry.
The farmers are seeking tax breaks from the French government and EU action to level the playing field with neighboring countries.
While we do not see a correlation between high numbers of violent incidents and high levels of anti-Semitic beliefs, Jews feel freer to live openly as Jews when they are confident of being accepted in their societies, not just in the absence of security concerns.
Much as in the United States, cross-party unity is rare in France. But recently one topic, or more accurately one woman, sparked a rare demonstration of national concord. That wonderwoman is Hillary Clinton.
SAN JOSE -- Europe will need a workforce trained for careers in the new digitized economy. It is estimated that Europe will have an e-skills gap that, if filled, could lead to 850,000 potential jobs in 2015, rising to twice that by 2020. On a continent where youth unemployment exceeds 50 percent in some countries, there should be no problem finding young and eager people able to do these jobs, provided they receive the proper training.
Hate is learned and ISIS is but one of its only teachers. That woman's anti-Semitism will not be erased by government decrees. Such hatred can only be deconstructed by Muslims themselves. It is hard to blame any European Jew for not waiting around to find out how this all plays out.
Why the reluctance of many democratic societies, in Europe and beyond, to recognize that anti-Semitism is the canary in the coal mine alerting them to the existential threat they face? Why does Prime Minister Valls seem more like an exception than like the rule?
Ten people died in incidents of score-settling last year, down from 18 in 2013, and 216 weapons were seized, he said. France
Can the Charlie Hebdo tragedy which killed 17 men serve as a catalyst, in forging new and positive frontiers between Islam and the Western world?