Here's why manufacturers are quick to slap that tag on your garment.
The family of Carrie Parsons argue that AR-15-style weapons are “thinly disguised” machine guns that the manufacturers knew could be easily modified.
Pain caused by the trade war Trump started with China already is landing hardest on his voters.
"There will be price hikes at Target, Costco, Home Depot and Walmart,” predicted one analyst.
Automakers are showing off SUVs and trucks — and few electric cars — at the Detroit auto show.
BMW CEO Harald Krueger said it is only considering a second plant in the U.S.
In a poll taken after the news of the GM layoffs, 44 percent said the president has or will bring back blue-collar jobs.
GMs’ decision to cut jobs in Ohio is particularly embarrassing for Trump, as he repeatedly promised to bring jobs back.
This is the first of potentially many vehicles that will be cut from the American market due to president's tariffs, warns industry expert.
"Faux feminist" first daughter champions U.S. workers, but her products are made exclusively overseas.
Trump’s tariffs so far are hurting the manufacturers he claimed he would help.
“A job that was taken by a robot 30 years ago ... is not coming back."
And why bamboo may be an answer.
In recognition of National Manufacturing Day, more than 170 events will take place today across California. Hosted by manufacturers
More company executives are leaving President Donald Trump’s manufacturing advisory board, in protest of his delay to condemn the white supremacism displayed in Charlottesville.
After more than a half-dozen members announced their departures, the president said he would end the manufacturing panel.
Jeffery Bean was one of 200 factory workers laid off by Batesville Casket last month.