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The Taiwanese manufacturer will receive $3 billion in state tax credits that will have to be covered by increased taxes on everybody else.
Progressives should stop re-litigating the campaign and start pushing clearly pro-worker policies.
Co-authored by Dorothy Shapiro, Fellow and Lecturer in Law, The University of Chicago Law School President Trump has promised
This month is the one-year anniversary of Alcoa closing the largest aluminum smelter in the United States – the Warrick in
Donald J. Trump, the most powerful man in the world, thinks he can stop corporations from shipping jobs abroad. But with
Credit: Engineering Course, Southeast Community College Changing course requires a massive investment of trillions of dollars
Manufacturers across the U.S. are all too familiar with the challenge of finding the skilled workers they need.
Ryan responded. Sort of. He restored one-year Buy American language to the bill. Nothing like the permanent provisions achieved
Making Manufacturing A Priority - by Jerry Jasinowski President-elect Trump is taking it from all sides about his intervention
Bringing back manufacturing jobs is an impossibility not even someone who can single-handedly defeat ISIS could pull off.
1. Wind power supports 88,000 well-paying American jobs in across all 50 states. And this number is growing quickly--wind
When religious voters sacrifice their core values for Trump's guarantee about the future they may well be investing in a
He can already cross illegal immigration and the economy off the list, thanks to actual facts.
Imagine my surprise late in 1989 when I received a phone call from an old banking client of mine. "Dave" I'm working for