Dallas Police have reopened their investigation into Manziel.
Talented as he is, the young quarterback may have just forced the Browns to move on.
It was "too fresh" in August or maybe September, but this is December, where the playoffs are decided. Pettine's choice of vernacular is downright laughable and inexcusable, and a reminder that he remains out of his league, quite literally. Johnny Manziel may not turn out to be the savior for the Browns, but now is the time to find out. The clock is ticking on the Browns season.
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Mark May 8 on your calendar: The 2014 NFL Draft will be the last time Johnny Manziel finds himself overlooked by the NFL. The former Heisman Trophy winner, drafted 22nd overall from Texas A&M, is a can't-miss superstar who will make every team that passed him over in 2013 rife with regret.
Johnny Manziel will open the 2013 college football season just like his many fans and detractors: He'll be watching. Unlike
West Virginia QB Geno Smith had a hot start and moved to the front of the pack with his absurd 656 yard, eight TD performance