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Xi's ongoing expansion of his own authority is not a foundation for moral leadership.
The Shah of Iran When Bhumibol came to the throne in 1946 the finances of the Thai royal family were in dire straits. Today
Something is profoundly wrong if spewing out insulting tweets can pave the way to the doorstep of the White House.
The Chinese politician's power is still checked by the norms of collective leadership.
How well the country navigates these rough waters will determine whether and when it fulfills its potential by combining the world's largest population, economy, and military.
It's always exciting to visit the PRC. But it is most interesting to learn about China, which is vastly larger, more complex, and humane than the nominal communist state which still rules. It's impossible to predict what China will ultimately become. Most important is that it becomes free, consigning today's authoritarian regime to history's dustbin. Then the people of China will be able to decide their own future.
A shorter version of this article appeared in the South China Morning Post. It is also our hope that Chinese leaders and
On this morning after Donald J. Trump made his first entrance into the Republican National Convention in a scene that made it look like he was descending to us from heaven, the thoughts of one who has recently been on a trip in China and its subjugated territory of Tibet turn to a consideration of the Trump phenomenon in the light of China's past and present.
Wei remembers clearly the first time she tried a mango. She was six years old, from Dalian in north-east China, and just as she bit into the fruit her parents told her that it was the deceased leader Chairman Mao.
Some also cover posters from the democracy movement, which occurred later. This was a period of tremendous change and upheaval