According to an excerpt from a new book, the former speaker’s excuse is a real head-scratcher.
Liz Cheney's new book contains a stunning detail about McCarthy's widely panned trip to Florida.
Johnson's show of fealty to Trump comes after he angered GOP hardliners by not shutting down the government.
Donald Trump wanted his wife Melania to parade around in her bikini.
Billionaire Trump donor Anthony Pratt was caught telling the sleazy story in secret recordings obtained by "60 Minutes Australia."
“It’s worth a fortune! It’s the most expensive house probably in the world, and they said it was worth $18 million,” the former president said.
A trial may offer clarity about why, exactly, the former president squirreled away government records at Mar-a-Lago.
The former president can’t seem to keep quiet. A new report claims he shared sensitive information about America’s nuclear submarine fleet with a billionaire Mar-a-Lago member.
Yuscil Taveras' July grand jury testimony resulted in a superseding indictment against the former president and others in the classified documents case.
Federal prosecutors said the witness, reportedly an IT director at Mar-a-Lago, has retracted “prior false testimony” after switching attorneys.