Marathon investigators concluded Frank Meza left the course and re-entered at a different spot.
The PM will seek to strike agreement with Jeremy Corbyn.
Latoya Shauntay Snell has experienced fat-shaming her whole life. Her response to it? “Fat-shaming can go f**k itself.”
“When you do have symbols of representation that are readily available to you, it becomes real. It becomes possible. It becomes something you can envision yourself as.”
“People who say running is a cheap sport have never run 26.2 miles.”
“I love that I can wear them when I am running, coaching or out to brunch after a lunch run.”
Mind your business ― keep your eyes off of my scale and your imagination off of my plate.
Runners braved extreme winter conditions in the Antarctic Ice Marathon.
Just a few hundred miles above the South Pole, runners braved fierce weather conditions in the Antarctic Ice Marathon.
She ran the race in 2 hours, 22 minutes, 48 seconds -- the second fastest in history.
It's been "a pretty amazing journey," he said of the strides he's taken since the attack.
The 2018 Boston Marathon marks five years since two brothers detonated bombs near the race’s finish line.
It's possible to do it without freezing or hurting yourself.
"The only thing I could think of to do was to pick her up, so I picked her up," 17-year-old Ariana Luterman said.
"My Sikh faith teaches me to confront any injustice I encounter in this world."
Think of spectating a race like going to Ikea. Plan ahead.