Marble Collegiate Church

“He was not an active and visible member of the church, no,” Pastor David Lewicki recalled.
Is all right with our country? Of course not. But all is not wrong, either. And on the 4th of July there is still much to celebrate. There are worthy dreams we know are being pursued.
Sitting down together in the quiet sanctuary of Marble Collegiate Church, Senior Minister, Dr. Michael B. Brown and stepdaughter
Very recently I was introduced to a church-word I had never heard before. The new word, now part of my professional lexicon, is "Creasters." Like a celebrity mash-up, it is a morphing of two words: "Christmas," and "Easter."
Well-conceived blasphemy can be positive and I believe there's a place for even very irreverent jocularity in faith, belief and even ritual, but when I hear Trump, a man who so flagrantly embodies all that the Jesus of the New Testament is not, call Communion a "cracker," now I am offended.
January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a time for realizing that slavery actually did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation. As a matter of fact, the U.S. State Department tells us that there are 12.3 million "trafficking slaves" around the world today.
Kindness is contagious, and it begins one person at a time. You and I can become the catalysts of a movement of kindness that is deeper and stronger than temporary movements of anger or evil. We have it within our power to contribute to a new culture which, over time, can become the prevailing culture.
Again this year I will no doubt make personal commitments. There is nothing wrong with that. I need to eat less and exercise more. But if history can be trusted, I'm not confident those resolutions will still be in force by February.
In this age, it is particularly encouraging and hope-filled that the face of global Christianity belongs to Francis -- a view shared by many.
This is the time for the recovery of our best traits: resilience, ingenuity and creativity.