Marc Andreessen

In other words, while the leaders of the tech world--like those vacationing in the rarified quarters aboard The Haven--might
Mueller was specifically referencing the ability for states to regulate content (i.e. free speech) online, but the idea applies
Logically, there is an irony in that without Free Basics or the Google initiative, the inequality is even greater with 80 percent of the population without any internet access. However, given the context, the logic is lost.
“Why is the Valley suddenly so tone deaf? Well, look how badly the Valley does on inclusion in hiring. Bias is the norm here
Here's why the Facebook CEO denounced board member Marc Andreessen's Twitter comment.
In his defense of Facebook's Free Basics Internet service, Andreessen suggested India was better off under colonial rule
We've all heard the old English proverb, "Necessity is the mother of invention," meaning difficult or impossible scenarios prompt inventions aimed at reducing the difficulty.
A blockchain is public ledger of transactions that is distributed among all participants in a market or system. Each transaction that happens within a market or system must be verified by a strong majority of participants. It's very difficult to falsify transactions in a blockchain because each transaction generates a strong cryptographic signature.
Pro tip: Don't just tell him what you think he wants to hear.
In the Hunger Games bestselling novels and movies, the rich capital uses terroristic "games" to control the 12 poor surrounding districts. No young fan of the books or movies would miss the uncanny parallels between the treatment of Balitmore's poor and the brutal jovial wanton violence against Panem's poor.