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The description of the book provided by the publisher, Trinity University Press, much of it taken from the book's introduction, clearly lays out why the book was compiled and highlights some of Dr. Goodall's wide-ranging contributions.
What do dogs think when humans bark? That question was thrust into the spotlight when a hilarious video of an experiment conducted by comedian Rudi Rok and magician Jose Ahonen went viral on YouTube last week.
Marc Bekoff and Luke Robinson join HuffPost Live and talk with Caroline about why dogs are more like humans that we think.
CSM: And we, of course, are animals too. Maybe a moral compass is somehow written into our DNA, after hundreds of millions
In a world increasingly concerned with human issues, the welfare of non-human animals needs all the arguments it can get, but it also needs those arguments to be scrupulously clear and correct, or they will be dismissed as not counting at all. And the losers will be the animals themselves.
Animals (not just people) likely have spiritual experiences, according to a prominent neurologist who has analyzed the processes
Author Jonathan Balcombe offers moving insight into the animal mind and underscore the moral implications of what we have learned from the close study of animal behavior.