Marc Cohn

Jane Seymour was the picture of beauty, grace and kindness as she spoke passionately about rising above hatred and bitterness to do something meaningful for others.
Steven Greenberg is another musician who knows the elusive joy of having that one big moment. In 1980, he was the mastermind
Four talented dads in my neighborhood, men with distinguished credits in music, as well as film and television, have formed an acapella group that's fittingly called Who's Your Daddy!
Welcome to the new music week, full of '70s flashbacks. Sheryl Crow tries to convince us that she's a '70s Southern soul singer and rapper Rick Ross lays down some tracks that feel like the great soul sides... until you hear the lyrics.
Here are some songs that will go down easy for just about anybody along with a few latkes and an extra serving of holiday spirit.
This being Woodstock Week, it seemed a perfect time to catch-up with this artist whose music influenced many of those who appeared at the culture-changing event.