Marc Forster

For the past several years we've seen the tropes, vernacular and iconography of the "zombie apocalypse" worm their way into the mainstream.
Your scene is about to be filmed. The director of "World War Z," Marc Forster, is giving you directions. Your character is
"It's the biggest movie I've ever been a part of. I was just a real fan of the books, and I'm a huge fan of [director] Marc
Is the Brad Pitt-starring zombie thriller a top-notch popcorn movie with well-staged action, gripping suspense, and an amazing global scope? Is it an unfortunate misfire, with good ambitions and notable high-points, undone by a tortured production history?
The final result: "World War Z" is out in theaters on June 22. The issues: "World War Z" was set for release in December
Originally set for release in December of 2012, Paramount pushed "World War Z" back six months to allow for some extensive
Live-action fantasy gets its fairy godmother... A new family gets spooked by the Poltergeist... Brad Pitt has family issues
Ahhh yes, the zombie apocalypse -- that moment when the dead rise and, by biting the living, turn them into zombies as well. Some theorize that Patient Zero was Ronald Reagan.
"World War Z" was originally set for release in December of 2012, but production delays and reported on-set strife pushed