marc lamont hill

The spread of laws seeking to undercut the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement is a threat to free speech.
The smear campaign has forced the broader public, particularly the African-American community, to reckon with his message.
The cable news giant seems perfectly fine with anti-Palestinian racism, though.
Hill's use of the phrase "from the river to the sea" drew criticism he called misguided. “Unfortunately, we are in a moment where any critique of the Israeli government is called anti-Semitic."
It features a list of notable figures, including Michael B. Jordan, Van Jones and more.
The author and TV host also breaks down the "elitist" word "ratchet."
Both Michael Brown and Flint's black residents are victims of "America's war on the vulnerable," he said.
Veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and from all wars, know well two kinds of PTSD.
VH1 is throwing its hat in the late-night space. The Viacom-owned cable network has handed out a series order for a live
Equating some imaginary white struggle with the contemporary black experience in America just shows a superficiality, a banality that while, perhaps not racist in itself, is certainly unserious and unworthy of someone who considers himself an opinion maker.
If you're not black you shouldn't be saying "Nigga". It doesn't matter how many black dudes or girls you've slept with or that your best friends are black or that your best friend's dog is black or even that you live in the "ghetto"; if you're not black that word should not leave your mouth.
Jericho, a former WWE champion, tells HuffPost Live he was "surprised" by Hogan's racist comments.
Bishop ,  we might totally disagree on this. I'm decisively pro-inclusion. That said, we are still brothers in Christ. And, I have to be honest, my white elders -- evangelical men and fellow travelers in your generation -- remain silent or straight up antagonistic about these matters.