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The former first daughter announced the arrival of a second son with husband Marc Mezvinsky on Monday morning.
The former first daughter announced the pregnancy news over Twitter.
And so it is that the moment is now upon us -- what was once thought of as impenetrable is now crystal clear. Young girls and boys, older girls and boys will remember this date when Hillary Rodham Clinton stood on the verge of hearing...Madame President.
Lasry's investments in Clinton are both financial and familial. Marc Lasry was a top contributor and bundler for Barack Obama
Bill Clinton also faulted Sanders ofor misrepresenting newspaper endorsements of Hillary by quoting the "good" things they
"It's swallowing my pride and being comfortable with pumping in airport bathrooms."
Even though we bridge contrasting theologies, many interfaith families still seek the benefits of religious community: a place for children to gain religious literacy, a place to reflect and sing and experience rituals together, a source of support in times of trouble.
The rain of ridiculous ravings from America's political right continued unabated as spring took hold. Let's look at a few examples.
In a recent interview with "CBS This Morning," Bill Clinton guessed his wife would take grandchildren over the presidency
Before my mom’s campaign I would have said no. Not because it was something I had thought a lot about but because people
Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky hit the town -- Manhattan town, that is -- on Wednesday night to celebrate "Set in Style
Click here for more on the Clinton Global Initiative. We asked President Clinton how he's building support for solving the
I'd love to tell you about our favorite grass-fed farmer who provided the short ribs for the wedding. But I can't -- and I won't tell you about the local farm that contributed the peaches, either.
Clinton nostalgia is dangerous nonsense, and for Democrats to go down that road is to avoid serious assessment of their own party's role in the economic debacle that haunts the nation.
Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky tied the knot during what was, by all accounts, a memorable and poignant affair. But locals
The Clinton wedding reveals more than how many friends and how much money the two families involved have. It speaks to the way that many people approach weddings in general.