Marc Short

"To say one person can represent all the communities of color is ignorant and insulting," one prominent Asian American civil rights advocate said.
Marc Short told Fox News people need to "look at the reality at who’s actually serving in Donald Trump’s Cabinet."
Marc Short criticized the "perverted lifestyles homosexuals pursue" in a column he wrote for his college newspaper in 1992.
Anthony Scaramucci called the apparent hypocrisy "one of the main reasons why the American people are so fed up with Washington.”
Ex-Trump aide says people need to pray more. Rabbi counters, "Isn't praying what the people in the synagogue were doing?"
The two, who remain tenured professors, said Short "contributed to the erosion of civil discourse and democratic norms."
Marc Short's hiring is "unconscionable," the petition reads.
Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, now wants GOP chair Trey Gowdy to issue a subpoena to obtain the information.
Sen. Susan Collins also noted that Trump can't directly fire the special counsel.
White House legislative affairs director Marc Short then defended it, saying the message is on point.
Marc Short says the president has "concerns," but won't say whether Trump believes the women alleging sexual misconduct.
If we see a miracle run by Rubio and he unseats the Donald for the Republican nomination, then we should point to yesterday as the turning point.