Marc Siegel

The president declined to say whether he was negative for COVID-19 on Tucker Carlson's show — his first on-screen interview since getting the coronavirus.
The president's doctors are missing in action, but don't worry -- Fox News will keep us informed about his health.
"Trump’s televised medical exam will be as honest and transparent as Trump’s taxes," one Twitter user promised.
CNN host Brianna Keilar offered harsh words to the conservative network for promoting a baseless conspiracy theory about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
Trump is "planting a seed, and his state-run news channel and its on-staff doctor is watering the hell out of it," Brianna Keilar warned viewers.
Dr. Marc Siegel also said he was "concerned" about former Vice President Joe Biden.
Brian Kilmeade just told viewers he doesn't get a flu shot -- and that's incredibly irresponsible.