marcel duchamp

Picabia's distinguishing ability to move between styles and themes makes him equally hard to understand. Certainly, he was
Aida Muluneh, Sai Mado, The Distant Gaze, 2016, digital photograph, 12.2 x 12.2 cm / 4.8 x 4.8 in., ed. of 7. Courtesy of
In some instances, these entities exist in such an indefinable space that their activities are defacto categorized as art
Modernity, Jean-Michel Rabaté tells us, may be nothing but its own ghost. Mexico City and New York-based Miguel Angel Rios' work spans two centuries and responds and interrogates, as inflection and affliction, to the ghosts of the "pre- post-trans-anti-hyper-neo."
Rieko Fujinami, born in Kisarazu, Japan Chad Mize, born in New Orleans, LA Today there is a new challenge at the Morean Arts
This ambitious overview is a warm, paint-stained handshake and a grateful, standing salute to past award-winning innovative performances in a supportive role by pioneer picture makers. At the same time, it is a inquisitive and delightful investigation.
What does Carlsen have in common with sport superstars Lionel Messi, Jaromir Jagr or Stephen Curry? They all seem unstoppable. Everybody knows they are going to score, but not many are able to prevent it.
Image courtesy of ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY: Installation view of JULIAN WASSER: DUCHAMP IN PASADENA REVISITED (by Gregg Gibbs