Marcel Proust

Football, commercials, Timberlake and Proust.
Real estate agents are not only in the business for houses and apartments, but above all, are selling an illusion of who
The contempt these mystery readers sometimes feel directed at them gets recycled as they express disdain for books they don't like which have been written and enjoyed by people they have to denigrate. That's not an argument or even a defense: it's blatant insecurity.
Other findings demonstrating the fallibility of memory abound. In 2001, Daniel Schacter categorized the "seven sins of memory
When I was in law school, a professor made a startling pronouncement that captured my attention and remained with me throughout my professional career: "There is no such thing as good writing. There is only rewriting."
We've had the Golden Age; the Golden Goose; Golden Oldies; Golden Books; the Golden Globes. And now we 've got My Golden Days.
Throughout my sporadic academic career I have been extremely fortunate to study with top caliber professors such as Alexander
The first rule of writing to your waitlist school, is the same as the first rule of life: don't be a jerk. By this I mean
The Metropolitan Museum has been hosting one of the great Sargent shows this fall; it will close on October 4, and believe me if you haven't run over to see it, do.
While we live in an era where a large portion of the population likely dedicates a vast majority of their leisurely reading time glossing over 140 character snippets from friends, family, and celebrities via Twitter, there is an alternative for brave individuals, the novel.
An endless literary masterpiece condensed to its sensible essentials.
I caught up with the kind, thoughtful, wise-beyond-his-years artist inside the Odeon Cinema in Florence during Middle East Now, and it turned out to be a highlight of my festival. After the interview, do check out the slideshow of his work below.
Post-Jinx, amongst yellowed copies of LA Weekly, and a Gold Record of Paul Anka and Odia Coates' disgraceful single "(You're) Having My Baby," I found a 1964 photo of me and my bunkmates. Standing behind us was our counselor, Robert Durst.
I never knew Vernon Duke but I have been working with him for fifteen years now and I'm delighted to report that we are finally, finally, getting someplace.
Nevertheless, the BITCOIN idea is sheer Proustian in its alternative logic and shares the main features of Harai's description "humans are different because they inhabit an imagined world."
Because of music's inherent abstractness, it is the most fundamentally subversive of the arts. It says something very specific, eliciting overpowering responses, and yet it has the luxury of being able to claim that it has said nothing at all.
Our sense of smell has the most immediate connection to our memories.
One bite into a juicy steak, that savory and complex richness, and I am transported to my grandparent's barbecue at their green trim tudor house on Crawford Street.
OK, I admit it. I'm a sap for nostalgia. So when my 40th college reunion reminder popped up in the email, I bolted into reverse. Who wouldn't want to "Reflect, Rekindle, Reconnect" -- words the Notable Class Reunion Chairs cooed in their beckoning letters to the alums.