March for Life

He is the first president to address the annual rally against abortion rights in person, according to the event's organizers.
No other president has attended the March for Life.
Critics said Trump's move was “a desperate attempt to divert attention from his criminal presidency."
"We do not align with this message. We're pulling our sponsorship," meditation phone app Calm said on Twitter.
Quip said it was dropping the conservative commentator after its ad was "read in a venue we did not endorse."
“Baby Hitler was a baby,” Shapiro correctly pointed out at the March for Life.
Members of the racist Traditionalist Worker Party say they're going to join anti-abortion activists in Knoxville on Sunday.
That doesn't mean Rubio wouldn't offer a justification for his positions. He'd likely argue that drones, refugee bans, and
Meet the women who are both anti-Trump and anti-abortion.