march jobs report

Unemployment rate rose to 5 percent from 4.9 percent
Last month, the manufacturing, building and government sectors all shed workers. Factories cut 1,000, snapping a 19-month
The March jobs report provided some evidence that we are beginning to see the sort of labor market shifts from the ACA that would be expected. First, voluntary part-time employment in March increased by 230,000 to 18.9 million. The key word here is "voluntary."
But just looking at private employment misses the bigger picture. At 137.9 million, overall employment (excluding agricultural
That's pretty much how it has gone throughout the grinding recovery from the Great Recession: Private hiring has been slow
More from the Associated Press: And the March report also includes one milestone: More than six years after the Great Recession
More from the Associated Press: The Labor Department said Friday that employers added 175,000 jobs last month, up from just
Women lead with grace by blending traditional leadership skills and characteristics with social and emotional intelligence to create stronger and longer lasting relationships with employees, business partners and customers.
We're experiencing the burden of austerity economics and the continued scourge of widening inequality. Both are squeezing average Americans. Yet it's impossible to have a buoyant and sustained recovery without a large and growing middle class.
Though it's been a persistent problem for several years, policymakers in Washington have focused more on reducing the federal