March Madness

Kansas brought its fourth NCAA title back home Monday thanks to a second-half flurry that erased a 16-point deficit.
The Peacocks from a tiny commuter college in Jersey City, New Jersey, are still outperforming all March Madness expectations.
The Arizona guard was shown possibly touching a TCU performer's breast in a viral video.
The cheeky fan quickly went to work after the No. 2 seed Wildcats fell to the No. 15 Peacocks in an NCAA Tournament stunner.
It was the highlight of the night -- and maybe the tournament.
Chattanooga's David Jean-Baptiste heaved in the victorious shot that he called "surreal."
You didn't miss a thing. Here's March Madness in a nutshell.
Georgia Tech coach Nell Fortner wrote, “Thank you for using the three biggest weeks of your organization’s year to expose exactly how you feel about women’s basketball — an afterthought.”
"Nah, we ain’t forgetting this," one fan wrote on Twitter.
The organization made the changes after players and fans expressed outrage at the inequities between the women’s and men’s basketball tournaments.