I'm not sure did Marcia Clark ever imagined that she would become a best-selling author or household name. Recently, with
Even if watching the show is "reliving a nightmare" for the real former district attorney.
It was compelling 20 years ago and even more compelling now: The O.J. Simpson story has not left the public imagination. FX
"Sometimes I get recognized as the O.J. Simpson prosecutor," he tells "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" in the above video. "People
Who's responsible for letting actor/author Chris Colfer voice his own audiobook, The Land of Stories, a Grimm Warning? Aside from garbled words, his fourth grade reading technique is a formidable obstacle to getting past the first chapter.
While she hopes to one day be known as "Marcia Clark, the author of the Rachel Knight mystery series" and not "Marcia Clark