marcus mariota

The former No. 1 overall pick is flashing record-setting greatness.
After 221 days, (or 318,240 long minutes but who was counting), the National Football League finally kicked off the eagerly awaited 2015-2016 season on September 10. Here are five key takeaways from the first week of the season
The No. 1 overall pick had a disappointing NFL debut.
The reign of rookie running backs, the hype of two rookie quarterbacks.
Marcus Mariota is the next in line of Hawai'i football greats. But unlike his forebears, he has catapulted his state -- his people -- into a spotlight where the beam shines much brighter.
The video follows the Heisman winner through his hometown of Honolulu.
Click below to learn why Moon is rooting for Jameis Winston in more than just football. Click below to see why Moon believes
Tupper says she takes all the teasing in stride and that she's extremely proud of her former student. His teacher, Margerie
Oregon has struggled in previous years with the girth and physicality of elite teams, and the 22-19 loss to Auburn in the
Next Man Up It seems almost unprecedented for a team to lose one Heisman Trophy candidate before the season even starts and
Perhaps young Charlie and his hero, Marcus Mariota, are pointing a way forward toward a new "least of these" theology for evangelicals -- rooted in orthopraxy -- some fifteen years into a new millennium. Let me explain.
MORE FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: In a Rose Bowl matchup that featured the last two winners of the Heisman Trophy, Oregon routed
Landon Collins, S, Junior, Alabama The 6-foot-2, 221-pound Yeldon is very talented, with tremendous natural tools. He injured
This was a Rich Kotite type of a season, punctuated by mistakes, turnovers, missed opportunities and, above all, losses. Will the Jets fly again? There is some reason for hope, but a lot of patience will be required first.
The answer is unknown, but the question looms large, and it is currently multiple choice. Who will quarterback Chip Kelly's offense in 2015? Whether or not the answer turns out to be an elite one may very well dictate how long, and how far, the Chip Kelly Era goes.
One of the alluring mysteries of college football this season is why almost every coach in the country was so wrong about