Maren Morris

News of the split comes as Morris, a Grammy winner, has also announced plans to leave country music.
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"If you truly love this type of music and you start to see problems arise, it needs to be criticized," said the Grammy-winning singer.
The Grammy winner is teasing a forthcoming project that many have interpreted as her response to Aldean's controversial hit.
The former Fox News host branded Morris a “lunatic country music person” last year after she spoke in defense of transgender children.
In a defiant stance against the state’s anti-LGBTQ law, the Grammy winner shared the taunt on stage after taking her 3-year-old to meet drag queens.
Following a high-profile social media dust-up, the singer thanked the cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race" for "making me feel like a brave voice" in Nashville.
The singer dubbed country star Jason Aldean's wife Brittany "Insurrection Barbie" after transphobic social media posts.
The country singer has raised more than $100,000 for transgender-rights groups after being called “a lunatic” for her allyship.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson called her a "lunatic country music person" after she criticized a transphobic joke.