Marfan syndrome

David Chavez-Macias is unlikely to find proper treatment for Marfan syndrome in Mexico.
"I learned what real patience, resilience and perspective really look like.”
The former college hoops star reflects on life after a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome forced him out of the game he loves most.
This year, Simon's Fund will be in Indianapolis with Giving Hearts a Hand, the John Stewart Foundation, Play for Jake Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to provide free heart screenings for high school students in Marion County.
Austin's new dream is being a role model, not just to Marfan patients, but to people facing any type of adversity. He believes it's his calling, one with a longer, stronger reach than he'd have as an NBA player.
Days from recognizing his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA, it came to an abrupt end. Austin made the emotional decision to forgo a basketball career. Unfortunately there was no other choice.
Many of the notes were reserved to be opened at a later date on special occasions and milestones in his loved ones' lives
Marfan syndrome is a diagnosis easy to miss unless one deliberately considers it and pays a great attention to detail. If your young son or daughter is playing basketball or volleyball and you are hearing the comments above, please take him or her to a physician for the appropriate tests -- at the very least to rule the condition out and have some peace of mind.
In addition to other symptoms, the syndrome can also affect eyesight. Last year, reports USA Today, Austin revealed he's