Margaret Brennan

The former vice president knocked the current GOP front-runner's "unfortunate" characterization of those charged for the riot at the U.S. Capitol.
The South Carolina Republican told "Face the Nation" that she supports Jordan's bid to become House speaker, citing his "values" and "work ethic."
Margaret Brennan fact-checked the Republican House speaker to his face on television.
Harris dropped a big prediction about the 2024 election after CBS's Margaret Brennan questioned her about national polls.
Cruz wants senators limited to two terms — but he's now running for a third himself.
The "Face the Nation" moderator had a tense exchange with Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) after asking about the former president on Sunday.
Days before Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband was beaten, Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) tweeted an anti-Pelosi slogan with video of himself shooting a gun.
There was no evidence of widespread fraud. "You know that," Margaret Brennan told the senator.
The White House is reviewing whether to provide former President Donald Trump access to the intelligence briefings he would traditionally be given.
The former president presented graphs "I never made,” the ex-coronavirus task force official said.