margaret cho

The actor and comedian reveals she "didn't know how to empower herself" in a forthcoming MSNBC special, "The Culture Is: AAPI Women."
Using racist terms to talk about COVID-19 is part of a long history of discrimination against Asian Americans in the U.S., she told The Guardian.
When it premiered on ABC in 2015, it became the first broadcast sitcom about Asian Americans since Margaret Cho’s short-lived “All-American Girl” in 1994.
The trailblazing ABC comedy was the first Asian American sitcom to air on network television.
One panelist worked closely with the star and regretted not figuring it out.
The comedian sounds off on the challenges of being bi, her earliest Pride memories and more.
“We loved what you did, we just had a hard time seeing the character as an Asian.”
The comedian also sounds off on Trump and her own experience with sexual harassment.
The GOP had an epic photo fail when they took a promo photo from Margaret Cho’s 90s sitcom “All-American Girl.”