Margaret Cho interview

"She wanted to explain to me gay people, and she had a visual aid."
The comedian explains how to turn misogynist attacks into a "more palatable and pleasurable" experience.
"I think that my sexuality is -- well, I define myself as queer, though gender is very complicated," Cho says in the above
Comedian & Actress Margaret Cho talks about why she outed John Travolta and how she wishes more high-profile celebrities would 'come out.'
We learned that nugget and more when we talked to Cho at SiriusXM, where she did a spot on the Raw Dog Comedy show "Saturday
Margaret Cho has been a comic force for nearly twenty years. After starting out doing comedy in San Francisco in the early
You may remember Sara Benincasa from her hilarious Sarah Palin impressions, or her parody of the "Reader," or because (chances