Margaret Spellings

The feds definitely have the power to do it, but experts doubt it'll get to that point.
The new law has a major hole in it, and it's unclear whether universities will punish trans students for using the "wrong" bathroom.
The former George W. Bush administration official declined to offer her personal opinion about the controversial new law.
Margaret Spellings, a former Bush administration official, was chosen to lead North Carolina's public universities in a secretive process, critics say.
In The Charlotte Observer today, fellow UNC alumnus and now Yale historian Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore argue that former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings must resign or openly welcome gay students, staff and faculty. I could not agree more.
The former Bush administration official will replace a Democrat pushed out by the board.
The country has an untapped source of economic growth potential, and that is the many creative, industrious and motivated immigrants in our country. But, too often in today's political climate, immigration is cast as a negative, with issues like border security and unauthorized immigration dominating the news cycle.
Over the last decade a quiet revolution has been underway in Washington, D.C. The change began ten years ago this week with the launch of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the U.S. corporation that has transformed the nation's foreign economic aid.
The degree to which we get students from all backgrounds ready for high-skilled jobs will determine their economic and social mobility. Here, though, is my big worry: We really haven't made up our collective mind that students from disadvantaged and minority families can be -- and should be -- educated to the highest levels.
Maybe embracing the future is an occupational hazard of working for a Silicon Valley high-tech enterprise. Or maybe it's inherent in our times -- times when the pace of change and stunning innovation seems to accelerate hourly.