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Margaret Thatcher may have been Britain's Iron Lady, but we remember Thatcher best for her inimitable style. Most iconic
"Saturday Night Live" addressed the death of Margaret Thatcher during its April 13 Vince Vaughn-helmed episode with a sketch
The Iron Lady is delaying Iron Man ... but just for one day. As reported by THR, Disney has decided to push back the U.K
I do recall that even to a child her demeanour and every discernible action seemed to be to the detriment of our national
Coulter called into the show to discuss Margaret Thatcher's death and brought up the still-contested story about a potential
Before her passing, Margaret Thatcher had expressed distaste for Sarah Palin's english speaking abilities.
"Loved and loathed" was a common phrase used in news coverage after the former British prime minister's death on Monday. Front
Here's how a former half-term governor described Margaret Thatcher in National Review today. Sound familiar? Read more on
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away this morning at the age of 87, leading to an outpouring of tributes
"Best news I have had all year," said one commentator on social website Facebook, who said he was a former miner. A bottle