"This tequila tastes like my ex wants me to text her."
A bear had the perfect summer afternoon. It swam in a jacuzzi, sipped on a margarita and topped it off with a nap in the shade.
You can't go wrong with the classic, but why limit yourself?
FYI, lime juice and sunlight don’t mix.
There is a splash of tequila in here, but we bring it to a boil, so the alcohol should all be cooked out and we're just left
Who doesn't love a good margarita? Whether it's poolside with pals, paired with a Mexican meal or late night in a bar, there's never a bad reason to reach for the citrusy cocktail.
She calls it a "TangOrita," of course.
Meet The Mosé -- it's the margarita-rosé mashup I've always wanted.
This is important. As most people are aware, the margarita is the ideal refresher. No matter where you are while sipping
Get the Creamy Margarita Popsicles recipe from Host The Toast. Cheers! A Cinco de Mayo treat that goes beyond chips and guac
Unfortunately these classics have taken a backseat to some of the more popular cocktails of today while becoming a second thought to many bartenders.
If Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville is your happy place, this stuff's for you.
Whether you're headed to the beach this weekend for a final summer hurrah or if you're planning a leisurely staycation, Labor Day will hopefully be filled with good food, tasty drinks and a bit of relaxation.