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“I was going to say I’m pissed off, but I’m afraid they’d bleep it,” the cartoon matriarch said via YouTube.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are about to be transformed.
The show also accurately prophesied who the U.S. would beat in the final.
Jean told Variety about some of the other upcoming plot points and guest stars as well as the guest stars he wished he had
So last year we paid tribute to our favorite TV moms, and this year we thought we would celebrate our favorite cartoon/fairytale mothers --- just because, why not? So, without further ado: The Top 8 Cartoon/Fairytale Mothers.
While The Simpsons has shown us the lighter side of history, politics and pop culture, one thing they haven't shown us is their home state. This ongoing gag has stirred up quite the tug-of-war among Simpsons fans wanting to stake their claim.
O'Brien penned "Marge vs. the Monorail," a "Simpsons" classic, back before his "Late Night" days, and he has agreed to perform
Dysfunctional families unite! The network released two new images from the crossover event. In the first, Bart teaches Stewie
Look out for the Marge Simpson MAC collection this September. UPDATE: MAC The Simpsons will be available for pre-sale one
The promo includes Marge losing a hand (shout out to all my Kingslayers), Springfield Elementary collapsing like a Jenga
Woohoo! "Simpsons" fans can now build their own Springfield, thanks to Lego! "Simpsons" Legos were first announced last year
After placing my carry on bag in the overhead compartment I sank into the luxurious econ chair and clicked my seatbelt into place. My fellow traveler, Ambien, was jumping up and down in my purse beckoning me with promises of slumber and sweet dreams.
Margaret "Marge" Groening, the mother of "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening and inspiration for the show's blue-haired matriarch, has died in her sleep at age 94, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The obituary first appeared in The Oregonian newspaper.
Son Matt clearly drew inspiration for the wildly successful franchise from not just his parents, but from brother Matt and
There's no doubt that Mindy Kaling is comedy's cover girl of the month, having first graced the cover of New York Magazine
One obligation that almost all mothers share is having to feed their kids -- and though we wish we saw more TV dads whipping
The plan isn't going into effect until 2013. Think you're tired of TV ads and screaming folks at town hall meetings now? Picture a more local version of that for the next four years -- not a pretty sight.