margin of error

That doesn't necessarily mean they'll turn on him without one.
Only about half of his voters think the president's tweets generally help his cause.
But those are probably outliers. There are many, many more that show Clinton ahead by substantial margins.
We don’t actually know how much error is in any given poll. It’s time to spend more time talking about that.
But there are considerable divides in news consumption by ideology.
Trump is probably still ahead, because math.
In an actual debate last week, sponsored by the do-it-yourself sampling firm Peanut Labs, polling experts got together to
Sometimes, the best measure of the quality of research is how transparent your vendor is when they describe their research methodology, and the strengths and weaknesses associated with it.
HuffPost Senior Polling Editor, Mark Blumenthal, explains what happens after people cast their votes.
Equally important, Clarus changed the root question. In March, they asked Republicans which candidate they "would now most