maria bartiromo

The Fox Business host wasn't warming up to long-term plans to save the planet.
The Fox News host leaked what she'd ask the then-president to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, according to messages obtained by CNN.
The "Late Night" comedian went to town on one dubiously sourced story in particular.
The Fox News host claimed vaguely that “some people” told her that "they feel" the Biden administration sees Putin as a partner.
The Fox News host, who let Donald Trump spew his election lies, griped to Barr that the Justice Department hadn't stopped the steal.
The Florida governor plans to offer $5,000 bonuses to police from other states who refuse to be vaccinated so they can interact with his constituents.
"It's heartbreaking," the second son told Maria Bartiromo. "I know how much time and effort my father put into the job."
The Fox Business-Fox News personality got little sympathy from people on Twitter.
Rep. Darrell Issa told Fox Business that an impeachment effort and taking away Donald Trump's Twitter account were like "kicking him when he's down."
“It appears we have been punked.” An animal rights activist pranked Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo by posing as a CEO of a major meat company.