Maria Butina

The longtime Republican operative faces up to 40 years in prison for a business investment scam.
Butina, recently freed from prison for acting as an unregistered agent of the Kremlin, defiantly told "60 Minutes" she was only "social networking."
An 18-month investigation from Senate Committee on Finance staff reveals how deeply connected the National Rifle Association was with Russian officials.
Patrick Byrne threw his company's shares into chaos last week after saying he had a relationship with an accused Russian spy.
Butina, who is serving 18 months in jail, is asking for the public's help to pay her legal fees.
The Russian agent pleaded guilty in 2018 to acting as a spy for the Kremlin.
Butina said if she was really an agent, "I would be the most unseen person on Earth."
Erickson, a conservative political operative, has been accused of fraud and money laundering.
Paul Whelan has reportedly been charged with espionage. Here’s what we know about him and his case so far.
Paul Whelan is accused of conducting a "spy mission" while in Moscow — a claim that his family disputes.