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Latinos are the fastest growing group in Islam in the United States. This week, we look at the complexity of being part of
Maria Hinojosa schooled a Trump advisor using the words of Elie Wiesel.
From Trump, she said, "There was not a lot of substance. . . . If you listen to Trump, you would think we all live in ghettos
The Emmy-winning journalist refuses to let Latinxs be ignored in the media.
Today, Latino students make up 25 percent of public school students in the United States. This week on Latino USA, two stories
This week on Latino USA, stories about keeping it together when it feels like we’re about to come apart. We visit Fremont
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This week, Latino USA takes a look at topics related to Brazilians and Brazilian-Americans. Over 300,000 Brazilian-Americans
Elizabeth Ramirez and her friends were accused of child sexual assault and incarcerated for almost 17 years. The San Antonio
This week, we check in with election season, with reports from the RNC and DNC on what presidential politics are saying about
This week we explore what it means to not just make the news, but be the ones writing the headlines. Journalist Juan Gonzalez