Vampire Woman Maria Jose Cristerna

The only thing that might be better than holding a bag stuffed with Halloween candy is holding a Guinness World Record. In
Now, Cristerna is a mother of four who says she lives a "normal life," while running a tattoo shop. "The strongest criticism
Tattoos are getting a lot of ink these days, especially in South America, where interest in body modification has grown in
Now, she wants to join the fight against abuse in the home. Maria Jose Cristerna, the 35-year-old "Mexican Vampire Woman
Last September, Ripley's Believe It or Not! took full-body casts of Cristerna to produce wax figures of her likeness for
In the last 18 months, she's become well known for her extreme look and now that blood-curdling appearance will be captured
Maria Jose Cristerna's striking appearance may generate gasps, but the 35-year-old tattoo artist reportedly says a horrific