maria kang fat shaming

CNN brought both Kang and Bougon on to discuss the incident. Kang insisted that she was not a fat-shamer, but said that the
Kang's Facebook photo wasn't fat shaming. She asked a legitimate question about priorities on her Facebook page. We cannot become so coddling as a society that we vilify someone who asks us to give some honest thought to the connection between our choices and our health.
The conversation quickly moved off of weight and healthy eating and the "awareness of obesity" Kang says she was trying to raise. Instead, many women -- moms in particular -- used the photo as evidence of Kang's shoddy dedication as a mother, as if tight abs leads to neglected children.
Maria Kang, 32, owns two residential care homes for the elderly, runs a fitness non-profit that she founded and is a freelance writer. The former fitness competitor also has three kids. Kang believes that if she has time to stay in shape, everyone else should, too.
Facebook commenter Shaunalee Brown-Chavez summed up what many have expressed about the photo, writing below Kang's post: I