marianne williamson

“Today, even though it is time to suspend my campaign for the presidency, I do want to see the beauty," the self-help author said.
The skit featured interviews with Americans who totally knew exactly who Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson were.
The New York Democrat said Biden had done "quite well" given the party's limitations.
The self-help author-turned-Democratic presidential candidate has shaken off the eccentricities of her 2020 run in favor of a singular focus on progressive policy.
The self-help author criticized Karine Jean-Pierre for mocking "someone who is running for president of the United States, and as a woman.”
“If I had a [crystal ball], then I can tell you .... If I could feel her aura. I just don’t have anything to share on that,” Jean-Pierre said of Biden's possible 2024 rival.
The self-help author is the first Democrat to formally challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 nomination.
“I wouldn’t be running for president if I didn’t believe I could contribute to harnessing the collective sensibility that I feel is our greatest hope at this time," she said.
The author and former presidential candidate cheered what she called a new era in politics, saying: “That revolution is the one that Bernie Sanders now leads."